OMG I AM FREAKING OUT GUYS!!!! Today I hit ((3000+) followers on Instagram!!!!! I honestly can’t believe that many of you even care about what I have to say and share. I usually don’t get all mushy on here but I am so freaking thankful right now. THANK YOU so much to everyone who follows … More I’M SO EXCITED!!!

YouTube I’m Back!

Well I have some exciting news *drumroll* I am making YouTube videos again! For all of my new readers I started a channel way back in like March I think? And I haven’t made videos since then. I don’t know why exactly…I guess I just didn’t think I could do it after watching all the … More YouTube I’m Back!

Mall of America

Our last stop before we got to Canada on our road trip was The Mall of America. So I’m just gonna say right off the bat that I was a little disappointed by the mall. I had better hopes for the size and everything. Like the Nickelodeon area and Lego area took up most of … More Mall of America

Mt. Rushmore 

Seeing as it’s Election Day it just seemed fitting that I would share my Mt. Rushmore experience and pictures with you guys. I have to say I have literally wanted to see Mt. Rushmore forever but never as bad until I watched National Treasure 2 because I love those movies SO hardcore. I’m a total … More Mt. Rushmore