Mt. Rushmore 

Seeing as it’s Election Day it just seemed fitting that I would share my Mt. Rushmore experience and pictures with you guys.img_8568

I have to say I have literally wanted to see Mt. Rushmore forever but never as bad until I watched National Treasure 2 because I love those movies SO hardcore. I’m a total history nerd so I always found it interesting but that movie made me want to go hunt for some kind of treasure in George Washingtons head.img_8547

Now I’m being totally serious when I say I thought you could literally hike up to the top where all 4 presidents faces are and like take selfies or whatever with them. So it was a little disappointing when I found out that you had to stay down below. Regardless it was still stunning to see and amazing that it was carved into an actually mountain especially considering it was started in the 20s.

I love how they have the pillars with all the states and when they were admitted leading towards the balcony where everyone is taking pictures of Rushmore. My fam bam and I had a blast looking for all our states. I was born in Tennessee as the pic above implies, my brother was born in Texas as was my mom, and my dad was born in Pakistan so he was just out of luck ;P

Finally we made our way to the balcony and of course had to get another picture with the four best presidents! It’s definitely the perfect spot for selfie taking too if you want one! img_8559img_8557

Even though I couldn’t get as close as I imagined and didn’t find any treasure It was still a breathtaking sight. Even people who aren’t completely obsessed with history will most definitely enjoy themselves and the gorgeous sight that is Mt. Rushmore. Don’t forget to follow me/stalk me on all my social media to see more pics and my other randomness from my trip!

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Later guys,


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