YouTube I’m Back!

Well I have some exciting news *drumroll* I am making YouTube videos again! For all of my new readers I started a channel way back in like March I think? And I haven’t made videos since then. I don’t know why exactly…I guess I just didn’t think I could do it after watching all the really good YouTubers out there but then I realized how lame I was being. I mean everyone starts somewhere right? You will never get better if you don’t practice and keep at it. My Instagram pictures used to be super bad and blurry but the more I learned about blogging and Instagram the better they became. SO I figure thats what will happen with my Channel too.

Anyway I hope you guys will follow me on my YouTube journey and grow with me! I will make videos as often as I can in between Instagramming and Blogging. Here is the link to my YouTube channel-My Channel and don’t forget you can also find me on Twitter and Instagram!




21 thoughts on “YouTube I’m Back!

  1. That’s exactly how I feel about blogging. I know my content isn’t the best or the most interesting. But then I realized that I am doing it for me because I enjoy doing it. If I get a following, awesome. If not, I’m still going to do it! Keep it up. 🙂

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