Flashback Friday!

Today I’m flashing back to when I got the privilege of joining my parents on a trip to the school we have opened in Pakistan and delivering some supplies and goodies to the students. It was such an amazing trip and was so humbling. These kids want to learn so bad much more than students … More Flashback Friday!


Today for #TravelTuesday I’m going to be showing you guys some pictures from my trip to Morocco. Morocco was by far one of the best places I’ve been. It was such a nice contrast to all the countries I was seeing in Europe. It some what reminded me of Pakistan and Dubai. The markets were … More Morocco!

Partying in Pisa!!

One of my favourite sights that I saw while over in Europe was definitely the Leaning a Tower of Pisa. Pisa the city wasn’t very impressive to me personally, it seemed kind of torn up and just a little ghetto. But the area where the actual Tower sits was really gorgeous. I loved how there … More Partying in Pisa!!

Power Snack!

I have literally found the perfect snack guys. Like it is so versatile and can be used as a pre or post workout snack, it’s low cal and loded with protein. It is Cottage Cheese!!! I’m kind of obsessed like I’m not gonna lie I go through about a tub of cottage cheese a week. … More Power Snack!

Coconut Oil Day!!

Okay so today I decided to give myself a little pampering. I love putting coconut oil in my hair. It helps keep my scalp and hair moist and healthy plus it’s supposed to help stimulate growth(here’s hoping anyway). I’m in the process of growing out my hair so if it’s supposed to help growth I’m … More Coconut Oil Day!!

Make Up Haul!!

So I went make up shopping!!!! I was running low on some key items specifically foundation and mascara so I went and picked up some new products. Here’s what I got For foundation I picked up the Pixie tinted moisturizer and the Cover Girl 12 hr moisture foundation. I picked up 2 Pixie tinted lip … More Make Up Haul!!