Wooden Watch by Jord~

Hola Babes!

Today I am going to be sharing this gorgeous wooden watch that I was sent by Jord Watches with you all,DSC_0579

I had never really thought much about wooden watches honestly until I was sent this one and starting playing around with it and pairing it with different outfits. They are surprisingly versatile and can be paired with so many different looks! DSC_0609DSC_0625

Here I dressed the watch up by pairing it with a nicer dress but you can easily dress down like I did in these next pictures.DSC_0735DSC_0765

It works just as well in a more casual look. This is just a look I regularly use to run errands and the watch worked perfectly with it!

Here is the link to check out my exact watch on the Jord Site if you want to twin with me;) Jord Watches

You can also enter to win a Jord Watch by going here and filling out the form, Watch Contest may the best watch lover win!

As always is you have any comments or questions feel free to leave them down below or on any of my socials located under the “Come Stalk Me” menu on the front page of my site 🙂

I will talk to you all soon!



*This watch was sent to me by Jord but all opinions are my own*

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