Hey Guys! 

So as you all know I am literally a makeup junkie! The obsession is so real, I really probably need help but anyway I went to Target a few days ago and of course no one leaves Target empty handed. I mean how can you it’s Target!? So here are the products I picked up, oh and  most were on sale so that justifies it right?
I picked up this Maybelliene compact thingy because it was only $7 and it looked amazing! The highlighter and eyeshadow were basically calling to me.

Then as I ventured deeper into the makeup aisles I saw this Pacifica Foundation CC cream which was regularly $15 and was on sale for $12, yeah I know not a steal but Pacifica is paraben free and mostly natural so I was just like “why not?” 

After that find I went to get what I actually came for my Pixie H2o Tinted Moisturizer($25, I believe). If you follow my Instagram you know that I CANNOT stop raving about this stuff! It’s basically my holy grail base because it’s just SO amazing and hydrating. The coverage is actually really good for a tinted moisturizer as well. 

And of course being me got distracted looking at all of Pixies products and decided to pick up their Glow Tonic. I’ve heard amazing things about this toner, it’s supposed to help with pores, give your skin an amazing glow, help with acne, and some people even said it helped with fine lines and wrinkles. So I picked it up for me and my mom to try out. It cost me $15 but I’ve wanted to try it forever so I didn’t mind. 

Thankfully I got out of there before I could buy anything else, my wallet definitely thanked me. I hope you guys enjoy this post and if you’ve tried any of these products comment below and let me know how you liked them. Also if you want to follow my Instagram it is @sweetserendipity96. Xoxo Alex~

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