Tommy Tamale, Grapevine TX!


It’s Fri{YAY}!! And I am here with some Texan foodie greatness to share with you guys. About a week ago my mom and I were wandering around Grapevine, TX, when we found the MOST amazing place to food. It’s called Tommy Tamale. And I SWEAR this post isn’t sponsored I just loved the place THIS much! 😛img_0599

The inside of Tommy’s is absolutely adorable.img_0597img_0600img_0603img_0602

They have shelves with all their products that you can buy to take home with you and all of the decorations in there are so quaint but cute. I loved it.

After we sat down we searched Instagram to check out what other people had gotten there and found the perfect cheat meal, The Tamale Pie.

Now you guys aren’t even ready for this. The Tamale Pie is Fritos, Chili, Queso, 2 tamales of your choice(they have beef, chicken, pork, and veggie) and then all that is topped with MORE CHEESE! We got one beef and one chicken tamale. img_3122-3fullsizerender-5


There are no words to describe how AMAZING this was. The tamales were impeccable, the chilli was amazing, having the crunch of the Fritos was perfection, and all that CHEESE though!!!! Oh and we even got to meet Mr.Tommy himself!


A little before and after. This only took my mom and I about 10-12 mins to finish but I definitely think it’s perfect for sharing because it’s bigger than it looks.

I have NOTHING bad to say about Tommy’s at all, in fact I am busting my butt in the gym so I can head back there for another cheat meal ASAP! If you get a chance you absolutely MUST head over to Tommy Tamale and you can thank me later 😉

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I hope you all have an awesome Friday!






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