Fe “dora” the Explorer ;)

Hey Guys!

Guess who’s got a bomb fedora to show you all today! I am completely obsessed with hats so when I saw this fedora obviously I couldn’t not get it, I mean what kind of hat person would I be if I turned down this baby,


Do you see this bling on this thing!?!?! When the sun hits that chunk of sparkle it could blind you no joke. It is so extra and I freaking love it!


Plus being cream and black ombre it can basically go with anything in my closet. Of course the fedora is  gorgeous but lets take a closer look at this new outfit too.IMG_3188IMG_3229IMG_3088

I love how well this whole outfit plays together. I paired the cream shirt with a black cami so the outfit didn’t drown in cream, the black also helps bring out the black in the fedora and tie it all together. IMG_3050IMG_3154IMG_3170

To keep the bling alive I paired the outfit with these gorgeous sandals and choker. Both the sandals and choker have some greyish black tones so they worked well with the black and cream vibes. Plus, who doesn’t want some more bling right 😉


Here is the outfit breakdown:

Fedora- Olive & Pique

Top- Buckle



Sandals- Naughty Monkey

Choker- Buckle

As always I would love to know what your thoughts on this outfit are and if you have any other questions or comments leave them down below. You can connect with me on all my socials located under the “Come Stalk Me” Menu.

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I hope you guys have a great Tuesday and love you all bunches!



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