30 Days of Ramadan Vlogging!!

Happy Ramadan Babes!

As many of you know Ramadan started Saturday and it got me thinking, I should Vlog the ENTIRE thing like people do for Christmas! So I will be making a vlog every.single.day. and uploading them in the evenings so you can get a pretty good daily view of how I spend my typical fasting day.

You guys can subscribe to my channel>> Alex’s Youtube Channel so you don’t miss anything 😉

Here is my first vlog so you can be ready for the second one tonight!

I hope you guys will join me on my Ramadan vlogging endeavour because I am super excited about starting it!

You can also check out my last post here>>Road Trip Tee Two Ways~ and as always don’t forget to follow me on all my socials located under the “Come Stalk Me” menu because I love connecting with all of you guys ❤

Now I am off to get ready for FOOD because the hunger is REAL 😛

Xoxo Babes,



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