Road Trip Tee Two Ways~

Happy Sunday Guys!

I am super pumped to share this post with you all today. So basically I took this shirtimg_5438.jpg

and styled it two ways with different shorts and accessories because I loved both looks so much. Here is the first one.


This first look is the tee with maroon shorts, boots, a backpack, and those adorable shades. It really looks like something you’d wear on a road trip or in a country music video to me! Now onto the second look!


The second look uses the same boots but changes the shorts, adds the adorable layered chokers, and loses the shades. I really loved incorporating the matching cactus choker, it just worked so well with the look. I also love how great the cream shorts match the cream letters.

Here is the break down for outfit one:

Shades- Buckle

Backpack- Buckle

Tee- Buckle



And for outfit two-

Chokers- Buckle

Tee- Buckle

Shorts- Buckle

Boots- Corral

Which outfit do you like more? Leave your answer in the comments because I really want to know. Personally the cream shorts outfit is my fave!

As always if you have any comments or questions leave them down below or on any of my socials located under the “Come Stalk Me” menu.

Have a great Sunday guys!



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