Lashes for Days:My Lash Extension Experience!

Happy Sunday Babes!

I am super excited to share my lash extension experience with you guys today. If you follow me on Instagram then you already know a few weeks ago I got lash extensions for the first time. I got them at a place not too far from my house called Lash & Brow Boutique. IMG_2858.jpgI am SO glad that I got them done here for my first time because the awesome Kayla who did them, was wonderful, 100% professional, and did an AMAZING job. Here are the before and after pics so you can see what I’m saying, also please ignore my OUT OF CONTROL brows because I hadn’t tweezed them before these pics and they look like legit bushes.IMG_1351


I literally spent most of the day that I had them done checking my self out anytime I could because they looked too great. I mean how could you not be in love with this?! Do keep in mind though that these were done with the knowledge that I had a lot of photoshoots coming up and wanted to have bomb lashes for them but if I was going to keep them up they wouldn’t be able to be that thick or else they would start to cause damage.


Now lets talk a little about the actual process of getting the extensions. So first of all it DOES NOT hurt. A lot of people including myself think this but its 100% not true. You feel no pain what so ever. All you feel is the tweezers moving lashes around and then the feeling of the new lash being glued to yours, a little strange but not painful.IMG_2863

If you wear contacts you have to take them out so I just wore my glasses into the appointment. You also have to wait until the next day to wear contacts but I mean its not that long so totally worth it. Really the only complaint I have about the whole process is that it takes FOREVER. I mean mine took about 3.5 hrs but it’s also because I got such an insane set. People who get the more natural look only take about 2 hrs I have heard. Once they are applied though, touch ups only range from 45-50 minutes.


I honestly have to tell you guys that I am obsessed with lash extensions. If you can afford the upkeep I recommend them completely. They literally make you look so put together even without any makeup. I went makeup free so much more and felt so much better about doing it. I would get them again in a heartbeat. Also I know you’re all wondering about any damage to my lashes and I am happy to report my lashes are perfectly healthy and the same as the day I went in to get the extensions. I have read stories about women wearing lashes for YEARS with no damage so if you want lash extensions I say go for it guys! You have nothing to lose and all the lash goals to gain ๐Ÿ˜‰

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Have a great Sunday Babes!



12 thoughts on “Lashes for Days:My Lash Extension Experience!

  1. They look AMAZING. It’s funny you post this, just yesterday I was looking into this. Can you still wear mascara? (Not that you even need it, just curious). How long did it take to get them applied? I’m seriously considering this because I literally have the puniest, shortest eyelashes on the planet. Thank you-nicely done!

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