Chocolate Camel Milk Tasting!!!

Hey Babes!!

I finally got a new YouTube Video up for you all! I’m so sorry it’s taken this long but the wifi when traveling is SPOTTY AF! It took forever just to get this up! But it’s here so please enjoy 😉  

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Love you all bunches! 



6 thoughts on “Chocolate Camel Milk Tasting!!!

  1. It’s great that you are open minded enough to try local products when abroad. We need more people like you trying camel milk products and telling the world it’s nice. It is indeed less creamy, and more watery as tourists have reported. Camel milk has less fat/cholesterol and more minerals and vitamins. And it’s hormone-free!
    Next time you’re in Dubai, please do try our brand of camel milk ice cream. I bet you’ll love it 😉
    Please check our instagram @Nouqdubai to see what our fans are saying…

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