Clothes Mentor $15 Fill A Bag Haul!!

Happy Weekend!!!

I finally got my Clothes Mentor $15 Bag Haul up on my channel which you guys need to check out!!! Here is the link>>>>>>Clothes Mentor $15 Haul

I never knew about this sale before EVER until this year. I don’t know how I have been letting this pass me by all this time and Plato’s does one as well which I did not know! Okay if any of you guys filled a bag I want to know what you got so leave a comment here or on my channel under the video and let me know!

Don’t forget to check out my Instagram  to see my haul pieces be worn in my many OOTDs!!! Also check out my last post if you haven’t 😉 ~Macarons, Also Known As Little Pieces Of Heaven~




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