Taziki’s Mediterranean Cafe

img_2699Today I am going to be sharing one of my ALL time favourite places to “food” when I am out shopping, Taziki’s. Also please ignore my out of control hair in this pic, it was hella windy that day!

This is like my mom and I’s secret place where we have lunch dates. We both LOVE Greek/Mediterranean food so this place is right up our alley, plus my name(Alexandria) is Greek so doesn’t make me kinda Greek? No? Yes? I mean thats what I am going with πŸ˜› Anyway lets just get into the picture.


We started off with sweet tea, they make the BEST unsweet and sweet tea around.


My mom got this shot of me in my element, probably responding to comments on my blog or Instagram πŸ˜› #BloggerLife


Then we got the hummus tray to start. Their hummus is OUT OF THIS WORLD good y’all! Plus I love how you can get crunchy pita and soft pita.img_2694

My mom and I split the original Greek salad because it is HUGE and way to much for either of us to eat alone.


Just casually posing with my salad, you know like any normal person would.


Chowing down on some peppers from the amazing Greek Salads.


Also whatever is in their dressing literally is addictive, its like Greek crack.

If you have a Taziki’s near you I 100% recommend you checking them out. Their food is always SO fresh and delicious. The employees are also incredible. I don’t have a single complaint. If you have a Taziki’s near you DEFINITELY go check it out!!

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9 thoughts on “Taziki’s Mediterranean Cafe

  1. Omg I’m a total lover of Mediterranean food!!! Taziki sauce is the bessstttt and hummus, omg just a few of my favorite things!! Btw, I’m obsessed with your hair!!! It’s so thick and pretty!

    xo, JJ

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