Clay Tea Tree Face Mask Review~

Happy Friday the 13th Guys!!! Ready to be scared!?img_0718

Now I don’t actually have a scary post for you guys today but I do have an awesome review to share with you all. I have been trying out this Clay Tea Tree Mask from Central Market and for those of you who don’t have one near you it is kind of like Wholefoods but not? 😛 I’m not sure how to describe it but its basically just a speciality grocery store that carries everything.

Anyway that is where I picked up this mask. They have a bar where you can scoop however much mask you want into a jar and then you weigh it and check out, it is so much fun! I chose the Clay Tea Tree because I love products with tea tree oil in them and clay is great for detoxing. I took pictures of the entire experience, from putting the mask on to scrubbing it off so lets get into it!


This is what the mask looks like, nothing too fancy and when you first open it it smells like tea tree STRONGLY! This much only cost me about $3 which isn’t bad for the amount you get.


Even though it didn’t say to I cleaned my face and took off all my makeup before I applied this because that’s usually how masks go on.


Here I am in all my “masked” up glory. I have to say it went on super nicely and gave the skin a really nice cool feeling.


These are just two pics about 7-8 mins through to show how the clay was drying and turning flakey. My face literally looks like a desert.


Here is my face halfway through the scrubbing off process, also in case you’re wondering I let the mask stay on for about 10 minutes.


And this is the aftermath of the scrubbing. It wasn’t too hard to get off thankfully.


And I’m done!

I have to say that my skin felt SO SO good! It was totally invigorated and clean feeling. I also have noticed using it more often now that it is really helping with keeping zits at bay. I would def recommend it to anyone who can get their hands on it because it works great!

If any of you have tried this mask or one similar I would love to know what you thought and if any of you guys have any products you would like me to review feel free to leave them in the comments! If you want to read my last post here is the link Photoshoot Ft. Some Graffiti!!

Lets be friends on all my social media below! I love getting to know and talk to all of you guys more 🙂


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8 thoughts on “Clay Tea Tree Face Mask Review~

  1. LOL i love a good face mask selfie…and holy pretty green eyes!!!! I actually did a clay mask yesterday and was taking like 100 snapchat selfies myself. Although I felt no difference from the before and after (real bummer) But this tea tree one sounds amazing, is it suppose to help prevent acne and such? I’ve only ever really used those wet cloth-type face masks which I love.

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  2. Hi Alex,
    It would be great to hear more about the social and environmental impact of the products you review!
    Contact me if you’re interested in finding out more about how to do this (or check out my blog –

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