Seabrook Waffle Company AKA Heaven On Earth~

Get ready for some Food Porn you guys!

Last week my family all got together at my aunts house in Deer Park, TX, for our family Christmas. While we were there my cousins and aunt decided to take us to the Seabrook Waffle Company in Seabrook, TX. EE051024-8366-43C0-BF57-B55EB789898F.JPGI honestly was a little skeptical I am not even going to lie but man was I wrong because these waffles are AMAZING!  They are Belgium Waffles that are topped with your choice of sauces, toppings, and ice creams. I do have to say though these waffles are not at all like the ones I had in Belgium. The ones in Belgium are MUCH more light and airy while these were flaky and more like a donut but still the best thing I think I have ever eaten! They were so amazing that we actually went twice in one day, once for breakfast(healthy right?) and then again for dinner.  I also liked how you could draw ALL over your benchesimg_1540

As you can see here, people go wild on the benches. Oh and I love this picture SO much you can just see my mom judging me for getting pics of my waffle 😛

Here are both the waffles my mom and I shared.img_1418

This is the one from breakfast. We topped it with Nutella, strawberries, chocolate ice cream and whipped cream. It was SO good but when we went back for dinner we decided to up our game.2ac70bd3-7a9b-443a-a2a8-50e9b3f053d0

This waffle is topped with Nutella, double strawberries, two scoops of chocolate ice cream, dark chocolate sauce, and baby waffle bites! This was definitely my favourite one ;P

If you ever have the chance to go to the Seabrook Waffle Company I DEFINITELY recommend it. Don’t forget to follow me on all my other social media below!



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