Christmas Photoshoot!


I can’t believe Christmas is literally tomorrow!  I am BEYOND excited but I’m going to miss Blogmas and all the other fun things leading up to Christmas but speaking of Blogmas I FINALLY got all the pictures from the Christmas Shoot I did and I can’t wait for you guys to see them! They are so festive and I got to take them all in PJs so goals am I right?!? I hope you love them as much as I do! I also have a new Christmas Shopping Vlog up which you can check out Here! Anyway lets get down to the pictures!img_9095img_9123img_9150img_9160img_9291img_9163img_9292img_9216img_9145img_9294

I loved using the white lights, they really added a cool, festive element to the pics! Plus I had seen pics before using them on Pinterest and also wanted to do it! Im not gonna lie though I got tangled up in them more times than I can even remember and I’m pretty sure they pulled out a lot of my hair! But still worth it 😉

Come hang with me on all the social media below! I love hanging out with you guys!




I hope you guys all have Happy Holidays!




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