My Go To Starbucks Drink

Being the coffee junkie that I am, I am forever on the look out for Starbucks hacks to make my drinks have less sugar and less calories. Now Im not some crazy calorie obsessed chick but hey if I can save a few here and there without sacrificing too much flavour why not?! During one of my crazy google sprees searching for said hacks I stumbled upon probably the best calorie/sugar saving hack ever and it was for my all time favourite drink, The Caramel Macchiato!

Okay so here is what I discovered. If you leave out the 3 pumps of vanilla(2 if you are getting a tall I usually get a grande so all of this is based off that size)and switch to non-fat milk you save 110 calories and 15g of sugar!! The original Grande Caramel Macchiato has 250 calories and 34g of sugar but after these two hacks it is only 140 calories and 19g of sugar. Not the best amount of sugar but much better than the original amount!

Anyway I hope maybe these hacks will help you save a few calories or grams of sugar because Im obsessed with this new and improved Caramel Macchiato! If you have any hacks you think I should know for any other drink PLEASE leave them for me below in the comments!



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