Behind the Scenes/Bloopers~

If you follow me on any social media then you definitely know I am a wanna be model. I LOVE photoshoots and am constantly posting pictures from my shoots. I actually have a whole separate Instagram account just for the photoshoot pics so I don’t drown you guys with them on my blog Insta 😛 A lot of you have been asking me for some behind the scenes and blooper pics of my photoshoots so I am finally giving you what you want! As you will see there are actually SO many bloopers compared the halfway decent pics I actually post. Im way more of a dork than my pics make out. I’ll try and caption them with what was happening in each shot!


Okay so this was taken around a bush that had a MILLION BEES! And I was freaking out!


For this shot I was supposed to be laying in this grass that was under a pine tree and COVERED in sap, so uh kind of gross!


Im actually not sure whats going on here LOL I was walking to the location and this was just snapped!


“Hold the tree and try and look cute” OKAY!


Trying to get my hat to flop just the right way!


Got the flop to be just right! BTW I look way more like the above picture than this! Haha!


“Try and look badass and serious” Me- “Cracks up”


I was supposed to put my leg up all sexy like but uh that wasn’t working!

Anyway I hope you guys enjoy this since you all couldn’t wait to see me being a complete dork! If you guys want to see more behind the scenes/Bloopers comment below or on my Instagram(@sweetserendipity96) and let me know. There are PLENTY more where this came from! XOXO, Alex ❤


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