February Favorites!

Hey guys! So I’m starting a new thing on my blog today. I will be doing my favourites of each month. I’ll be sharing all the things I’ve just been loving for this month  so let’s get into it. 

My mascara fave this month is the Almay get up & grow in blackest black. It just looks so natural on and gives me tons of lengh. 

My favorite lip product this month has been the Pixie Tink Tint in this bubblegum pink. It is so moisturizing and the corporate lasts forever. Plus Pixie is all natural and paraben free. 

My favorite scent this month is definitely my Pink Sun Kissed body mist. It smells like a tropical paradise and just makes me smell like summer. I’m in love. 

My favourite shows this month have been Baby Daddy and Reign. Omg these shows are like my addiction. If I had to pick a fave out of the two I would probably Reign just because I love shows set in this era! 
One of my favorite songs this month has been Little Red Wagon by Miranda Lambert. I fell in love with it when she premiered it at the Grammys. 
My favorite snack this month has definitely been MANGOES!!!!! I’m obsessed and I have literally been eating them almost everyday. 
Well that’s all for my favorites this month I hope you guys liked them. Let me know what your favorites are down below! 


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