Super Bowl Dessert

Hey guys! 

Since the Super Bowl isn’t far off I thought I would start posting some yummy football themed recipes to get us all ready for the big game. Since my mom and I both love desserts the most my first recipe is football chocolate dipped strawberries. They are super simple to make and look absolutely adorable. Plus strawberries are fruit and fruit is good for you so doesn’t that technically make this a healthy treat?  Let’s keep telling ourselves that anyway. Okay so here’s what you’ll need
One pack of strawberries
One bag of dipping chocolate
And white chocolate chips
So first off melt your dipping chocolate in one pot and your white chocolate chips in another
Take your strawberries and dip them in the chocolate( I find us using a toothpick helps with this)
Lay them on a piece of parchment paper lined with a little coconut oil to keep them from sticking while they dry
After they have dried take the melted white chocolate and draw some little white lines across the strawberries to give them a football like appearance.
When you’re done they should look something like this 

Don’t they look adorable? They will make the perfect addition to any Super Bowl party guaranteed. 

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